US immigration authorities target outsourcing firms in new H-1B visa memo

“The federal government plans to apply more scrutiny to third-party staffing agencies seeking skilled work visas to bring foreign-born workers into the U.S.

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services issued a memorandum Thursday expressing its intention to collect more information and documentation from so-called “outsourcing” firms, which rely heavily on the H-1B visa. These firms flood the H-1B visa lottery with petitions and use the visas they are awarded to bring foreign-born workers into the U.S. When they arrive, workers are contracted out to third-party employers”.

Too bad under Federal law most foreign workers are inadmissible aliens and placing H-1Bs at companies other than applied for is also a violation of Federal law.

We don’t need more scrutiny of job robbers such as InfoSys, we need raids and arrests.

“But others welcome reform of the H-1B program, claiming that there is widespread abuse. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said he supports reforms to the program in an interview with Marketplace after Trump issued the executive order.

“Ultimately, it’s about high-skill labor and a review that says there is the right use of [the H-1B] and misuses of it — and we promote more the right uses of it — all the better for American competitiveness,” he said. “At least at Microsoft, when we think about H-1B, it’s mostly about high-skilled labor that allows us, an American company, to be globally competitive.

Too bad that with all that highly skilled foreign labor Microsoft can no longer ship Windows 10 updates that work.