Feinstein on L-1 visa abuse in 2003

This is why US is $22 trillion in debt. L-1s pay no taxes and India Incs replace Americans with L-1s by the millions. Destroys the tax base.

Yet she has done absolutely nothing to stop the L-1 abuse by India Incs in the past 16 years.

Feinstein in 2003:

“How can they come to the U.S. so easily? The L-l states that they must be a specialized knowledge worker familiar with the products and services of the company. There are many legitimate uses for the L-l to transfer employees from one company sub- sidiary to another. But transferring a worker from Tata India to Tata U.S. for work at Siemens is not what was intended by the L- 1 visa. They are not working on Tata’s computer systems, but on those of Siemens. In our particular case, Tata knew Americans were being laid off, so they did not use the H-1B visas. Instead they fraudulently used the L-l. There are no regulations regarding the misuse of L-ls and only limited penalties for H-1B abuse. Where is the INS? Where is the DOL? There are hundreds of thousands of L- 1 and H-1B workers in the United States taking jobs that Americans can do and that Americans want to do. Every H- 1B and L-l visa given to outsourcing companies like Tata is a job an American should have.

What is happening here? In a time when our National security is paramount, we are making ourselves dependent on third world nations for our computer technology. We are giving these countries the ability to access, modify and break the very computer systems that run the U.S. economic infrastructure.

Yet, we have an even greater parasite on our economy, and it comes from American companies. U.S. corporations are taking entire departments and relocating them to an Indian subsidiary. Hundreds of data processing, payables, and call center jobs are lost at one time. Ask Microsoft. Ask IBM. Ask Cigna. Ask almost any large U.S. corporation and you will find they have sent jobs off- shore. The term “offshore” is just a euphemism for American jobs that are lost and will never return. What is the economic impact of this? In the short term these companies say they are cutting costs, but in the long term they are undermining their consumer base. Where will our children find jobs? In marketing perhaps? Marketing to whom?

We need incentives to keep jobs in the U.S. We need monitoring of visa holders. We need fines for abuse and punitive damages for affected American workers“.

Internationally wanted fraud criminal Ratan Tata, as Diane Feinstein so clearly testified.