And whoo boy, look at some of the comments from TCS workers and other Indians themselves:

“My Friend from XLRI…Hired By TCS..I Think He Came to USA 1992. TCS Showed $32000 Annum on his Labor Certification! He Was Only Paid Salary of $800 PM…Like a BONDED LABOR! This Crap Went on For Many Years…Till the Whole Lot of Guys Found An Alternate Employer and Ran the Hell from TCS! Some of Them Sued…I Dont KnowWhat Happened to the Case! TCS Is A THIRD RATE CROOKED COMPANY!

Biggest fraud TCS does is adjusting the employees job title to the lowest paying job title as per the This site gives the prevailing wage for a position / skill set. So even though a person is doing technical architect job they will tell the DOL that he / she is a level 1 or 2 developer. I cannot say what a gross violation and falsification of information that is. Even TCS legal bench is also advocating these practices. what a shame”.

“I know some things which happen in IT MNCs. Before 2010 there was a period, like IT companies used to send both capable and incapable to onsite just because of profit mainly through cheap labour from India. They used to give less amount than what they mention in Visa filing. Employee knows if he complains then they will torture and may fire. Anyways employee will not complain because he is getting more amount than in India and onsite experience”.

“Wow, noone talks about all these fraud strategies of IT bodyshops to circumvent the laws.”.

At the very least Ratan Tata should be arrested for illegal wage fixing, which is a Federal crime, not to mention visa fraud. Why is he still walking around scott-free?

Ratan Tata, founder of Organized Crime Syndicate Tata Consultancy Services. Why has he not been arrested?