George Bush Center Slams Trump’s Plan to Boost Jobs for U.S. Graduates – Breitbart

Makes sense since daddy Bush was the one who started the NWO globalist nonsense to begin with in 1991.

“President George W. Bush’s presidential center and other business groups are denouncing a pending regulation by President Donald Trump that would open tens of thousands of U.S. jobs to young American graduates.

Trump’s reform will hurt “employers that have benefited … for the last few years,” complained Laura Collins, the director of the economic growth program at the George W. Bush Presidential Center.

Trump’s pending regulation reportedly would end the policy of giving bonus work permits to wives of foreign workers who have H-1B visas, and would, therefore, shift jobs and salaries from foreign temporary workers to American graduates”.

Economic growth for whom?

Not for Americans who have been run out of the economy and the companies they built.

Funny how temporary Y2K visa overstayers can walk in, take over jobs and companies built by Americans, buy houses, and never leave.

Not so temporary, are they?

And all of them are illegal if American workers are unemployed.