Month: February 2019

  • IIT Bay Area Alumni

    Talk about racist and bigotted. 100% Indians. Total racists. Nice bleach job on some of them.

  • Indian Nod : Explained

  • Globalist Business Groups with Koch, Bush Ties Dominate Immigration Talks at White House – Breitbart

    Of course they did. Globalists really run America regardless of who is President “Globalist-aligned business organizations with ties to the billionaire Koch brothers, the Bush dynasty, and Republican plutocrat […]

  • Bush Center to White House: Open Borders for Business Hiring – Breitbart “The George W. Bush Presidential Center is helping to develop a White House immigration policy, as it is urging the government to help CEOs and investors hire an unlimited […]

  • Study: Immigrant College Graduates Score Far Below U.S. Graduates – Breitbart

    But we already knew that because Americans have to train their H-1B replacements. So much for “best and brightest” USA can’t do without… “A test shows that immigrant college […]

  • H-1B Visas; How Hyderabadis & Indian IT firms fooled Americans

    Someone needs to start enforcing anti-wage fixing laws including enforcement on the US Chamber of Commerce, which engages in such illegal activities.Wage-fixing, that is, manipulation of wages in any form […]

  • Scrapping Per-Country Cap Helps Companies Shun U.S. Tech Workers

    Unregistered foreign agents from India are behind removal of the per-country caps. By Jessica M. Vaughan on November 9, 2018 “Proponents of a controversial bill to end provisions in […]

  • H-1B Headquarters on Twitter

    Nothing quite like temporary foregin guest workers moving into your country and then dictating your immigration laws now is there?

  • Indo-Canadians in uproar over surge of foreign students

    Invasion for me but not for thee. “The Indo-Canadian community is in turmoil over a recent surge in foreign students from India, whose presence is feeding community tensions amid allegations […]

  • Great Indian Takeover of America

    Indian Mafia doesn’t even try to hide it now.