Month: February 2019

  • John Miano Separates H-1B Visa Fact From Fiction at a Meeting of the CT Tech Workers Coalition

    Our excellent friends over at US Tech Workers has posted a great speech by John Miano, co-author of Sold Out, which exposes the H-1B industrial spy and job theft program. […]

  • Trump increases H-1B visas

    In his dog and pony show, Trump increases H-1B visas, rather than restricting them as promised in 2016. A complete sellout of US tech workers. “WASHINGTON—The Trump administration unveiled […]

  • Any Experience with Suspicious Recruiters? “Just recently got back to the job market in a many years, and poseded my resume in numerous websites. Now, I am getting bunch of calls from recruiters with […]

  • Trump Economy: Blue-Collar Wages Rise Faster than White-Collar

    From Breitbart: “Salaries for college graduate Americans are growing much slower than for Americans who are working in transportation, restaurants, services, construction, and sales, according to federal data”. Of course […]

  • Chinese National Arrested for Stealing Apple’s Trade Secrets

    From Breitbart: “A Chinese national working for Apple’s autonomous vehicle program — codenamed Project Titan — has been charged by the FBI with crimes related to intellectual property theft. Jizhong […]