Norm Matloff: The Old (Age 35) American Software Developer

“The policy debate focuses in large part on the industry lobbyists’ claim that the foreign workers are especially innovative, “the best and the brightest,” and thus have special job-creating powers. It would thus be natural, indeed imperative, to compare the job-creating powers of the immigrants to the job-creating powers of the natives.

the vast majority of foreign-student H-1Bs hired by the Intels are ordinary people doing ordinary work“. – Emphasis added.

And, as Virgil Bierschwale correctly pointed out a few days ago on YouTube – how are we going to retrain Americans if all the skilled jobs are shipped to other countries? Retraining is meaningless if the jobs simply aren’t there.

But let’s put an end to the immigrant vs. native job-creator argument right now:

  • Most modern industries were created by Americans, and then moved to other countries. Historical fact.
  • Most other nations, with the exceptions of Japan and Germany have never created even one innovative stellar super-unicorn such as Apple, Microsoft, Sony, or Porsche.
  • Most immigrant workers are being trained by Americans to displace them.
  • Spectacular successes such as Silicon Valley were created by mostly Americans, with a few exceptions, of course.
  • There is ample evidence massive failures such as the 2008 Wall St. collapse, Sun Microsystems, Lehman Bros, and the recent Boeing 737 Max software disasters were in fact, caused by immigrant workers.
  • In 1998 when the US workforce was still mostly American, the US economy was booming, about to pay all its debt off, and had no unemployment, homeless, or drug problems.
  • All those “young” workers from Asia are creating massive failures in both corporate and gov’t jobs.
  • Despite rigged “surveys” such a NASSCOM frontman and twice-failed tech CEO Vivek Wadhwa’s “phone survey” study – which concluded 52% of all Silicon Valley startups had foreign founders, immigrants have yet to produce any stellar hits.
  • Of course exceptions exist: NVIDIA and Juniper Networks are two examples, but even they do not wield the power of American-built Apple or Microsoft.
  • All the ultra-successful US tech companies were founded and built by American workers long before the huge waves of immigrants arrived in America to take them over.
  • We’ve been flooding the US with tens of millions of these so-called job creators, mostly from Asia for over two decades now. Tens of millions of new jobs have not been created, and tens of millions of America’s best jobs have been looted and sent back to Asia by India Inc outsourcers and Chinese industrial spies, most of whom got into America on H-1B and L-1 or student visas. No wonder Chinese generals are laughing at the US saying “We can’t believe what we are getting away with”.
  • If you discount the DOL’s fake rigged unemployment numbers, real unemployment in the US is still around 21% – near great depression levels. Foreign workers have not created enough new jobs to keep everyone employed, as promised. In order to keep the truth from being known – that foreign workers are not innovating or creating new jobs – the DOL simply doesn’t count all the unemployed.

As an example, data shows Apple was built by Americans and made ultra-successful up until Steve Jobs’ death in 2011. The following year foreign workers at Apple soared:

With 300 million people under the age of 30 in both India and China, those countries should have produced dozens of Apples or Microsofts by now. But not a single one has occurred, other than copycats of American models. There have been small innovations in Asia, for sure, but not even a single huge one. With all those super geniuses and twice as many people under 30 as the US has people, there should be a dozen Apples and a dozen Microsofts in Asia by now. After all, they are so much smarter and more innovative than Americans, right?

The simple truth is the mega-successes and mega innovations happened due to the work of Americans, for the most part.

This is historical and current fact.

Dr. Matloff even references the now infamous destruction of Sun Microsystems in the late 2000’s – which was caused entirely by non-performance of foreign guest workers. In fact it was Sun’s post-guest worker failure to innovate that killed it – as Windows became the dominant platform of choice. More proof that foreign workers fail to innovate, as claimed. Sun’s decline began in 2002 – a year after the second of the two Clinton H-1B guest worker visa increases in 2001.

A long string of such failures at the hands of foreign workers exists. 52% of all Fortune 500 companies have disappeared since 1998. These people are not innovating, and they are not creating jobs. We’re being duped by the propaganda of foreign competitors. The simple fact is foreign workers are harming, not helping the US economy, as a whole.

Great companies such as Apple, shown above were built almost entirely by Americans. The early core Apple team, 3rd row from the top, including Steve Jobs, and other key people were 100% American.

100% Americans.

Americans train their foreign replacements. Not the other way around. We don’t need these people – they need us.

Old white Americans invented the microchip.