We need to end foreign PACs now

Foreign-run political action comittees (PACs) are being used by foreign powers to take over the governments of the US.

We need to end and outlaw all foreign lobbying of the US now.

Why are foreign PACs even allowed to operate on US soil?

This is foreign control of our government.




Immigration Voice

Republican Hindu Coalition

Many others.

These people are here to conquer us, not to assimilate and become Americans.

Indian-American PAC celebrates municipal victories in Cook County, Chicago

“It’s a new day in Chicago and Cook County!” according to the Indo-American Democratic Organization (IADO), one of the earliest political action committees in the country.

Four candidates, three of them of South Asian descent, endorsed by IADO, won their local seats in Cook County in the April 2 municipal elections – Bushra Amiwala for District 73.5 School Board; Arti Walker-Peddakotla as Oak Park Village Trustee; Minal Desai for Skokie Park District Board; and Andre Vasquez for the 40th Ward Alderman”.


New Bills Would Abolish Super PACS and End Foreign Corporate Money in MA Elections


“The Chamber of Commerce, which consistently spends heavily in elections, including over $5.7 million in the 2016 elections [3], has received nearly over $800,000 from a Bahrain company”.

Massachusetts Legislation to End Super PACs and Foreign-Influenced Corporate Money in Elections

Three Paths Citizens United Created for Foreign Money to Pour Into U.S. Elections

Plotting the End of Super PACs

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