World Faces “Uphill Battle” w/Average IQ Of Just 82

And India is right near the top of the list.

The heatmap also shows many of the people coming from Central America are as dumb as Africa. No wonder they can’t make their countries work.

Africa, India, Central America, and the middle east have the dumbest people on the planet. China + Canada are actually slightly higher than US. US, Russia, Australia are all about on par. Japan + Taiwan reign supreme, which is why they dominate so many industries.

No wonder the US economy is having trouble with 1 million of these retards being dumped into our best companies every year.

Average American IQ is around 100 – 102 – nearly 20 points higher than the average Indian IQ, and just below Taiwan + Hong Kong which are around 108.

We don’t need these dummies – they need us since with a borderline retard IQ + fake degrees, it’s impossible for them to make their own country work.

David Becker has released a new version of the World’s IQ. Each country has a score showing the cognitive abilities of their citizens, this being a blend of genetics and the environment of each country, particularly as regards education and health. The world’s global score is 82. This is 12th percentile rank on the Greenwich Mean Intelligence benchmark of IQ 100. As school teachers used to say in end of year reports: “Could do better”.

Not as stupid as you IQ 82 failures.

IQ 82 Indian Mafia takes over corporate America.