Month: April 2019


    Stop HR1044 – a bill being promoted by unregistered foreign agents which would change our immigration laws to give almost all green cards to one nation – India. We […]

  • India, US heading for trade war?

    Well, we’ve been looted for 20 years by H-1Bs so why not?

  • The Decline of India

  • US dream remains ‘realty’ for most Indians

    Funny how temporary workers never leave, buy houses, have kids, “settle down”. Not very temporary, now are they? Flushed with moolah stolen from US tech workers and the companies they […]

  • Cognizant faces new suit on ‘India bribery’

  • Deloitte banned in India

    No wonder, since Deloitte has been so corrupt it’s being sued all over the place. No one wants these organized criminals in their country.

  • Job change in US becomes tougher for H-1B visa holders

    Job hoping was never supposed to be allowed to begin with for H-1Bs. In fact, under H-1B law, when a guest worker’s job ends, they have to return to their […]

  • Indian Mafia to take over midwest next

    Articles such as this are pure paid NASSCOM PR. We need to ban the use of US PR firms by foreign interests. It will be fun to watch all those […]

  • H-1B is killing America

  • Former Infosys recruiter says he was told not to hire U.S. workers