Awareness Post: REPORT FRAUD, concerned about honest people

This was sent to us anonymously:

“Awareness Post: REPORT FRAUD, Concerned about honest people.

1. Asking Passport number is Illegal

2. People asking it might sell it to Terrorist – one of the reasons

3. Another reason is, they blame F1 International Students from India are faking resumes/forging H-1B, GC papers.

What they do not know is, 90% of Indians faking resumes irrespective the immigration status including GC, USC etc.

4. If their statement is true then International students, many nonimmigrants also forging GC, USC papers

5. This is to avoid hiring Americans.

The question, why do not they hire Americans in first place to avoid fake and felony?

Unfortunately, the answer is, Indians never hire Americans. Majority.

6. What is the solution?

Send fake resumes/felony guys resumes and forged H-1B, GC papers to these email ids;

Please email all the visa fraud details to these emails

7. What if your honest candidate/Americans and still recruiters asking the passport number/DOB/SSN etc?

Send their information to these email ids:

The below job Req sent by an Indian company from India who has centers in the following: USA Canada, India and UAE

Position                  :  IBM WCS (Web Sphere Commerce)

Location                 :  NEW ALBANY, OH

Duration                :  Contract

Need passport number in case of H-1B and ead-gc”