Benioffs give $30 million to UCSF to study homelessness

This sure is a joke.

The founder of Salesforce is giving UC SF $30 million to study homelessness.

Hey Marc, give the $30 million to the homeless themselves, or build housing with it, and we’ll give you the whole study and everything you need to know in one sentence:

Homelessness is being caused by corporate America’s cheap labor H-1B craze + India Inc “global staffing companies” driving Americans out of their jobs + onto the streets.

We’re sure you understand that since Salesforce employs quite a number of illegal H-1B foreign workers.

In fact, H-1B use has skyrocketed over the past 20 years @ Salesforce.

Isn’t that right Marc?

You understand what’s going on Marc, you just don’t want to do anything about it. Go waste the $30 million for nothing when you should be out there actually helping the homeless.