Untold Stories: The American Workers Replaced by the H-1B Visa Program: CIS

If ever there was an article that exposes what is really going on in the US economy + happening to American workers, this is it.

As American workers get chased out of one job after another by the Indian Mafia, much of what is left in their wake is being destroyed by these armies of conmen looters from the Land That Time Forgot.

CIS tells it like it is:

By Matthew Sussis on May 4, 2019

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Matt Sussis is the assistant director of communications at the Center for Immigration Studies.


Immigration reporting tends to rely heavily on stories — stories about illegal immigrant families looking to be reunited, about TPS recipients facing potential deportation, or about legal immigrants working their way toward citizenship. One type of story that receives far less attention from the media, despite its prevalence, is from victims of foreign guest labor — American mothers, fathers, and breadwinners who lost their livelihoods to cheaper foreign replacements and outsourcing.

Big corporations and their lobbyists will often claim that there is a “shortage” of American STEM workers that necessitates an ever-growing number of “high-skill” visas, such as H-1B, L-1, and H4 EAD. This is absolutely false.

  • There is no shortage of qualified American STEM workers — most Americans with STEM degrees work in other industries, and American graduates outperform foreign-educated immigrants when tested on a range of skills.
  • The H-1B program has transformed over time from a means to supplement the American tech workforce to a means of cheaply replacing it.
  • Foreign STEM workers often come from sham universities abroad — particularly in India — and have far fewer specialized skills than they claim.
  • President Trump and members of Congress ought to meet with laid off American STEM workers in order to hear their stories.

2 Replies to “Untold Stories: The American Workers Replaced by the H-1B Visa Program: CIS”

  1. Pat R. IOTMOUSE

    I’ve been fighting these bastards for 30 + years. But the big tech political slush funds make sure ALL politicians are in their pocket.

    I’ve also managed Indian teams 3 times. Once for IBM. And they were SHIT. I’ve found that out of 40 indian engineers ONE is at basic decent American level, NOT EVER exceptional American level.

    We have been importing 350,000 Indian fraud engineers with fake degrees and fake resumes for OVER 20 years now, there are at least FIVE MILLION of them here right now, and we only have FOUR MILLION enginering jobs in America. That’s a genocide.

    Sadly no one cares. But I will caution the US government, the next time there is a serious war and you need fly by wire aircraft, encryption, secure networks, you might get get a pile of spaghetti code like Obamacare and utterly failed because for THREE DECADES you treated american engineers like SHIT.

    • admin

      Indeed you are correct. As someone who lived and worked in Silicon Valley for 16 years, I saw it firsthand. Total invasion, takeover, and occupation. Everyone wants to be like the American tech engineer, but Silicon Valley was built by Americans, not foreign workers. Wait until they really collapse the US economy and we’ll see how much they want these parasites. We are now $22 trillion in debt because of remittances, L-1’s, and industrial theft. Suicide of a superpower.

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