You may remember yesterday Bloomberg ran a story blowing the lid of Boeing‘s outsourcing engineering work to $9/hr foreign workers from 5th biggest Indian outsourcer HCL.

Not only is that visa fraud if the foreign workers worked in the US, but it’s also paying 1/5th the prevailing wage, which is illegal.

It is illegal to employ any H-1B foreign “skilled” worker in the US unless they are paid the prevailing wage. The prevailing wage for most engineers in the US is around $45-70/hr. Assuming $45/hr, Boeing + HCL only paid foreign engineers (who failed the project BTW) 1/5th the prevailing wage, which is totally illegal.

And that makes all the H-1B visas for those workers fraudulent since those who filed for them knew the prevailing wage wasn’t $9/hr.

Why are Boeing + HCL execs not brought up on visa fraud charges? That is 1/5th the prevailing wage and if those workers are working in the US, they are all working here illegally. Hiring foreign workers is one thing, but criminal fraud is quite another.

On top of that, this amounts to wage-fixing, which is also illegal under US laws.

These corporate execs are getting away with economic murder on the American people + should all be prosecuted immediately.