A Verdict Has Been Announced for the Tata Consultancy Case

No CA court will rule in favor of Americans.

The India Inc mafia rules CA courts.

People such as Guy Santiglia have been suing the India Inc mafia for over 30 years with zero result.

Indian Mafia always wins and if you try to sue them for their racism, they scream racism and get the radical left CA courts to side with them.

Not to mention most likely bribing most CA judges to boot.

Criminal thief white-collar organized crime shop Tata gets away with breaking the law – again.

“The former TCS employees claimed disparate treatment when employed by TCS and alleged all individuals who are not of South Asian race or Indian national origin, who were employed by TCS in the United States, were subject to a policy or practice of benching and allocation and were placed in an unallocated status which ended in termination between April 14, 2011, and December 27, 2017.

Plaintiffs’ theory of discrimination relied on their contention that TCS intentionally displaced class members by assigning Indian or South Asian employees to jobs that class members were successfully filling or could have filled, resulting in class members’ terminations from the bench”.

In other words, Tata is a racist Indian Mafia illegal-beching outfit and Trump and DHS continue to sit around doing nothing. No enforcement, no EEOC investigation, no ICE raids, no DHS enforcement. Nothing.

Why do the American people continue to fund the EEOC at $320 million/year when it doesn’t do anything?