As More Projects Fail IBM is Feeling the Pinch of Using Fake Engineers from India –

In the 1990’s India promised to save IBM.

The opposite has happened. Now it is dying.

IBM is 71% Indian-ocuupied now + its list of long proj fails is astounding.

IBM is being sued by 4 US states for over $100 million each for failed proj. Many other IBM projs have failed as well.

“But then projects began to fail. BIG projects. Like the Pennsylvania welfare computer modernization project. “The IBM name used to be the gold standard, but now that they substitute in these Indian engineers, it’s more like the crap standard” said Teaisha Mays.

According to the complaint: IBM sent a team of business analysts to start the project in 2006. In 2008, with their design complete but not yet implemented, the firm pulled them out, creating “a knowledge gap” just as it was time to write software code and design applications”.

Thanks India – you losers.

IBM India – 100% racist Indians.