Foreign staffing companies should not be allowed to use H-1B visas

The H-1B visa was intended for the use of US companies.

Allowing foreign companies to use it is a national security threat for many reasons:

  1. It can be exploited by foreign industrial spies to get in to steal our trade secrets – as China is doing.
  2. It can be exploited by foreign nations to be used as a mass immigration visa to invade and take over the US – as India is doing.
  3. It can be used to displace American workers. We need to keep our own know-how and technology among our own people – not in the hands of foreign nations.

India is using the H-1B visa as a mass invasion and takeover conduit. The US is being silently invaded by India. It is the duty of the US govt to defend the US from invasion by any and all powers.

Work visas and student visas have reached such huge levels that they are no longer augmenting the US workforce – they have now become a full-scale invasion.

The US gov’t is allowing this in an attempt to try to grow the US economy and shore up the tax base, but it is having the opposite effect – the foreign workers are remitting their pay home, and many of them are not paying taxes. Meanwhile formerly working Americans in good-paying jobs are no longer working and thus no longer paying taxes. The tax base is, in fact being further erroded, and wealth is being sent out of the country. Many of these foreign workers come here only for remittances and plan to return home after 6 years – to retire like kings on the foreign exchange rate in their home countries.