Another site to track the looters:

Looks like some nice Hinglish on the site too.

Apple is one of the worst offenders – with an incredible 50,000+ software engineering jobs going to foreign H-1B job robbers.

Note that in other countries – Australia, Chilé, and Singapore, Apple was allowed to use only a handful of visas – not the 23,590 visas it used in the US.

The prevailing wage of $90,000 is $50K below the prevailing wage Apple engineers were paid in 1998 at Apple.

Manipulate the labor supply much, Apple?

Wage-fixing is a Federal crime.

Contrary to what Prof. Norm Matloff has stated many times: “Intels Good, InfoSys’es Bad” – India’s Tata, Wipro, and 71% Indian-run IBM now control most visa jobs @ Apple. Apple itself applied for only 1,112 H-1Bs.

India Incs now control 20-30 times the number of jobs at Apple, that Apple does itself.

A full-on takeover of America’s greatest company is in full swing.

When will you stop the theft of US companies by India, Mr. Trump?