International Students Now Have Access To New US Banking Service

Just sucking plain old remittances by the tens of billions out of the US wasn’t enough.

“A new bank account designed for international students was launched in the U.S., FinTechFutures reported on Friday (Aug. 23).

North Loop is offering checking accounts and debit cards with partner Evolve Bank and Trust designed to combat the financial problems that overseas students face.

Entrepreneur and former international student Tahem Veer Verma created the no-fee account so that students could sign up without a U.S. social security number. Students can apply before leaving their home country and get a debit card on arrival”.

Well isn’t that just dandy – foreign students can work in the US, rob jobs from Americans, and not have to pay any SS taxes. No wonder the US gov’t is bankrupt.

In fact, bank accounts in the US w/o SS #’s are generally illegal under US banking regulations. How do foreign manipulators get away with this?

The foreign student workers will send all their $ right out of the US via wire transfer back to India where US dollars are worth a fortune.