Trump: ‘I Have the Absolute Right’ to Order Companies Not to Do Business with China – Breitbart

Yes, China is a national security threat and that means the Commander in Chief can stop trade with them anytime.

In fact, during WW2, the US passed the Trading With Enemies Act, which is still in effect, but has been ignored since the CCP installed their agents – the Clintons – in the White House in the 1990’s.

China is our enemy, not our friend.


Lots of Americans are still ignorant that China is the primary threat to America. Lots of businesses only think of short term profits even if it helps China gut the US in the long-term.

Then there are Dims and Fake News (I repeat myself). Lefties are in effect in league with our main adversary China in aiming to oust Trump in 2020. They’d really prefer Sleepy Creepy seeing how he’s already on their payroll. Yep, Dims are allied with America’s primary adversary in trying to tank the US economy. Figures. You won’t find any pearl clutching by Dims as China meddles in the 2020 election, which is a goal of China’s latest tariffs”.