5 shocking examples of H-1B visa abuse

A writer at had the guts to expose the mass H-1B visa fraud going on all over corporate America.

Wage-fixing is a federal crime under US law.

Why haven’t the execs of these companies been arrested yet?

“The H-1B visa program was designed to encourage highly skilled foreign workers to put down roots in the U.S. and spur innovation. However, many IT firms are twisting the intent of the program, and using it to hire inexperienced workers at lower pay.

Companies claim there just aren’t enough highly skilled IT workers in the U.S. to fill the number of available tech jobs. Perhaps what they really mean is that there aren’t enough highly skilled U.S. IT workers willing to work for lower wages and zero benefits. While there is a skills gap, it doesn’t explain why some companies are using the H-1B visa program to hire inexperienced foreign workers at lower pay to replace currently employed citizens. Here are the five most highly publicized instances of H-1B visa program abuse.”.

The author also failed to mention that replacement of skilled American workers with any foreign workers is always illegal under Title 8 of US law.


Oh – and MIT itself – the #1 tech college in the world – proved there is no skills gap. The skills gap myth is defamation of US tech workers designed to get rid of all American tech workers who are highly paid.

The only skills gap is in India – land of fake resumes, fake degrees, and just about everything else fake.

Most business execs in the US are comitting felonies.

Trump, DHS, FBI, ICE continue to do zip.

So much for rule of law. America is the land of business elites, and that is all it is.