Deloitte facing staff rebellion over ‘unfair’ junior pay

Outsourcers Deloitte were always all about cheap labor.

Wage-fixing is a Federal crime under US law, Deloitte.

Under US law, you have to pay the market rate, and that’s how it is.

Maybe you can get criminal wage-fixer Alan Greenspan or Chamber of Commerce head Tom Donahue to rig the labor market in your favor. It’s how you corporates always roll, right?

“Deloitte is facing a rebellion from its junior auditors who are frustrated that new graduates are coming in on bigger salaries.

The new graduate audit starting salary of $58,000 is about $4000 more than what was offered to recruits for the past three years“.

Boo hoo hoo. The greedy bastards will have to cough up a little extra pocket change for new grads. A drop in the bucket compared to the billions they loot off the US econ based on their illegal wage-fixing. You can afford it, you greedy pigs.