Nolte: It’s Time for the Media to Stop Empowering White Supremacists – Breitbart

“As a child of the seventies and eighties, we looked at white supremacists as what they truly are: a bunch of losers, as jokes, as punchlines, as uncool.

No one, not even nihilists or misanthropes, wanted to be a white supremacist, because doing so automatically proved you were a loser”.

Those “white losers” created Silicon Valley and most great American companies now occupied by foreign workers.

Without white American workers, the modern world would not exist.

If Nolte uses TV, the internet, smartphones, airplanes, or owns a car, he needs to know they were all invented by white Americans.

Perhaps he should have a look at Hindu Supremacists now invading and taking over America.

Indians are the real racial supremacists in America, not white Americans.

Not invented by Indians or other non-whites.