NYT Echoes Kamala Harris: Anchor Baby Policy ‘Enshrined in Constitution’ – Breitbart

But they don’t seem to want to preserve the 2nd Amendment – also enshrined in the US Constitution.

Anything which favors open borders is “enshrined”, anything which is in the US Constitution which protects Americans is ignored and attacked.

It’s how the Indian Mafia rolls.

Kamala Harris is an unregistered foreign agent of USIN-PAC and the Indian gov’t of Modi.

She should be arrested and investigated. USIN-PAC, a foreign lobby is backing her.

And someone needs to tell her that the founders and the Constitution also say that when a gov’t action or policy no longer serves the American people, the American people have the right to change it.

Foreign powers are manipulating US laws as an invasion and takeover conduit into the US.