Proof the H-1B program is rife with criminal fraud

If you ever doubted the H-1B “highly skilled guest worker visa program” is nothing but a massive unbelievable criminal fraud, just take a look at this screen shot someone sent us about what really goes on in India Inc. staffing companies:

What is actually happening in IT shops all over America is:

  1. Criminal Indian manager gets into US on H-1B visa.
  2. Said criminal sets up an India Inc staffing company in US.
  3. Said criminal claims he can’t find American workers.
  4. Said criminal files for 1000s of H-1B work visas for more fake frauds from India.
  5. H-1B job robbers enter US on fake visas.
  6. Criminal India Inc manager places them at US tech companies, including in management positions.
  7. The armies of looters sit around doing nothing, protected by an Indian manager, also here on H-1B visa.
  8. The looters keep the scheme up until the company runs out of $, or they are found out by an American executive, then fired.
  9. The entire time the faking H-1B frauds are here, they remit every dime of their paychecks back to India via remitance services, back to banks in India.
  10. US companies + capital get sucked dry, US loses capital, companies, and jobs.
  11. Americans are replaced at work by these frauds, nothing ever gets produced by the armies of faking H-1B workers, and the companies generally disappear, once they are drained.

Keep in mind that this is going on all over the US by the millions of workers. Silicon Valley, Wall St., hundreds if not thousands of corporate and gov’t proj fails, billions lost.

If you want to get to the root cause of all of America’s economic problems, look no further than the organized crime syndicates known as India Incs.

Are you paying attention FBI? If there is one group of people whose offices you should raid, it’s India Inc staffing companies.