Boeing Faces First Customer Lawsuit Over 737 MAX – Zero Hedge

Outsourcing to “better, faster, cheaper” India Incs sure has been good for Boeing……

“Expectations that the Boeing 737 MAX 8 will return to the skies any time in the near future have largely faded, and now, after dedicating billions of dollars to compensating customers, Boeing is finally facing their wrath in the courtroom. The FT reports that a Russian aircraft-leasing company has filed a lawsuit against the aerospace company seeking not only the return of the deposit it paid for the 35 MAX 8s that it ordered, but also punitive damages in the hundreds of millions.

In its lawsuit, Avia also claimed that the design of the MAX 8 was “defective”, and – embracing a more conspiratorial tone – that Boeing knew about these defects bu withheld this “critical information” from US regulators and Boeing’s customers”.

Well if you were a bunch of faking fraud fake engineers such as India, and you messed up the world’s leading airliner company this badly, you’d be scrambing around in the backrooms too trying to cover up your fraud.

$100 million bucks down the tubes in just one lawsuit.

Outsourcing to India Inc is the kiss of death.