Federal Investigation Warns DHS About Graduate Fraud in Visa Jobs – Breitbart


This is huge.

Visa fraud is rampant all over the US, thanks to India Inc staffing companies and H-1B visas.

Fake H-1B workers are brought in from India, then trained, which is illegal and fraud, but even the Federal Reserve Bank of NY is doing it, not to mention companies such as Disney, and others.

The GAO has once again proven there is no “skills gap” in the US.

“Federal agencies must work harder to prevent Indian and Chinese college graduates fraudulently getting work visas and jobs which are needed by their U.S. counterparts, according to a report by the Government Accountability Office.

The report hides most details of the GAO’s investigation, partly because the profits from white collar labor trafficking cause routine and widespread fraud. In the last few years, for example, the Department of Homeland Security had dissolved several fake universities which used fraud to get real work permits for hundreds of Indians and Chinese graduates.

The fraud is not a victimless crime because it pumps more foreign graduates into the U.S. labor market, so helping to suppress salaries for American graduates“.

Fraudulent training of H-1B workers inside the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.

After all, it was criminal wage-fixer Alan Greenspan himself who started the cheap-labor H-1B visa flood back in 1998 when he instituted “wage-levelling” in his fake centrally-controlled, manipulated economy:

Dr. Donny indiancraba day ago

Actually, mediocre people can cruise along in big organizations, especially companies that consider costs the most important factor. Anyone who thinks grads from eastern or southern Asian schools are better than US students is a fool. I have worked with, for and taught such folks – and they are experts at cheating and managing to stay in the country. Ever notice how few Nobel science prizes have been earned by India and China – and the dominance shown by US scientists? Why do you think that is? In my engineering specialty, virtually no breakthroughs in the 20th century came from Asia. If Asian students are so great, how do you explain that? I earned a UCLA PhD as a Howard Hughes Doctoral Fellow so I know what I am talking about”.