Categories confirms H.1044 and S.386 allows Indians + Chinese to dominate most future green cards

HR.1044 destroyed green card opportunities for most immigrants, including Mexicans in favor of nearly all Indian + Chinese foreign tech workers.

Talk about racist.

Why should just 2 countries be allowed to change our laws + dominate a fair immigration system we set up?

The reality is central banks + foreign powers now control our gov’t and dictate how it behaves.

Jealous bankers and failed foreign powers want to make sure American tech workers continue to be overwhelmed and oppressed by a tidal wave of foreign guest workers designed to siphon the US economy and keep America down.

You can bet organizations such as the Federal Reserve, and NASSCOM are behind this manipulation of US law.

There was no House floor debate on HR.1044 because the cheap labor powers and foreign lobbies don’t want the avergae American to become aware of the corruption in our gov’t.

Wage-fixing is a Federal crime and none of the players want any evidence of that.

But that is, in fact, exactly what is happening.

Cheap labor bankers are using mass weaponized immigration to wage war on American skilled workers.