Confessions of a Disenchanted International College Student

“I am not here to say that BC is a terrible institution. It a great college. My and other non-white students’ problems are not unique among American colleges or in America in general. Yet what I am positing is that it’s extremely difficult for non-white students to assimilate themselves to BC while they face all of these injustices”.

Or maybe it’s because all their parents warned them about the Indian mafia’s racists ways, and what a threat you are to white westerners, whom you hate with a passion and want to remove from the workforce in their own country.

What goes around, comes around as we say in the US, or as you say, karma.

Perhaps you should consider changing your ways so you’ll be accepted in someone else’s land, which you have come here to loot and plunder.

No one likes a thief, and India is the world’s king in that regard.