NASSCOM Exclusive Program for member Companies in Silicon Valley & Canada

“U.S. remains the single largest export market and partner for the Indian IT Industry. All major Indian IT companies have a significant presence in the U.S. and contributing enormously to the American economy and workforce. Silicon Valley in the US epitomizes cutting edge technology, new learnings, disruptive knowledge and vast growth avenues, that attracts companies from across the globe to its shores. Canada on the other hand provides a unique marketplace for the Indian tech companies”.

Except that Silicon Valley was built by Americans and USA had a tax surplus and a booming econ until India Inc moved in starting in 1998.

Not any more.

If India was contributing the US economy, tens of millions of Americnas would not be out work, there would be no homeless problem (there wasn’t in 1998), and the US would not be $22 trillion in debt.

The parasite nation of India continues to attach itself to America’s most valuable industry and suck it dry.

There is no “Indian IT industry” – it’s all just a massive looting fraud.

Every successful system attracts parasites.