Absolute proof the west is being looted

Most of us have already known this all along, but now here it is in print: remittances – money sent out of the productive countries and into the lazy ones – are draining + destroying the developed world.

Luiz Eduardo Peixoto (probably a socialist from a failed communist hellhole) parasiting off the UK now brings the true nature of globalization out into the sunlight:

Remittance inflows can create domestic wealth

“A stunning Big Read article on remittances and their role for emerging markets (“The hidden engine of globalisation”, August 29). The graphical effort is one of the reasons I am proud to subscribe to the print edition of the FT. Indeed remittances have become the lifeline for many households in Central America and Africa, for instance”.

The productive countries work 85 hours a week to build new industries, the 3rd world moves in, takes the jobs, sends all the $ home, collapses the tax base of the west, and impoverishes those who worked so hard to create.

No wonder the west has problems.

From the bank robber’s point of view, robbing banks “creates domestic wealth” too.

It’s still a crime.