How to become a leading IT professional

In theory.

Unless of course, you are Indian Mafia. Then it goes something like this:

  1. Get a fake degree or cheat your way through school.
  2. Claim Americans are too dumb to do IT work by having Azim Premji hire a US PR firm to get on MSNBC defaming American tech workers.
  3. Get hired by a fake resume-stealing India Inc staffing company.
  4. Move into companies created by Americans.
  5. Get trained by them.
  6. Kick American workers to the curb.
  7. Take over their jobs.
  8. Remit as much pay as possible back to banks in India via,, etc long enough to drain western companies, until they’re all siphoned and dead.
  9. Claim you are the “world’s innovation hub” with ceaseless PR and hype to keep everyone else distracted so no one notices the real cause of economic decline.
  10. Rinse, repeat.