India is more nationalist/supremacist than USA ever was (or is)

Near genocide is going on in Kashmir, thanks to “Butcher Modi”.

No MSM report of the attrocities and genocide carried out by India there.

Not a peep.

India loves to portray itself as a spiritual, peace-loving culture, but the truth is just the opposite: India is a violent, dangerous nation.

Just as India Inc staffing companies have genocided 5 million Americans out of their IT careers, now India is doing the same thing in Kashmir – only more violent.

America better wake up to what we are importing – fast.

“Unfortunately, eighty years later, these very characteristics resemble the antics of a country present today, a country which, run by fascist nationalists, is going down an extremist path.

Apart from its atrocities in Kashmir, where India illegally revoked the region’s special status in order to forcefully resettle the Muslim population, India is now attempting ethnic cleansing in Assam as well”.

Indians love ethnic cleansing. Just go to Silicon Valley and have a look:

The real neo-Nazis.