Exclusive—Rep. Paul Gosar: Get a STEM Degree, Watch Foreigners Take Your Job – Breitbart

That’s right – India Inc staffing companies now own most hiring in the US.

If you are an American STEM grad, you’ll never get hired.

American STEM grads should sue their colleges for misrepresentation – given that they will never be used after paying all that $ for them.

“President Trump’s economy is pushing wages higher and creating opportunities for many. The data suggest there is one group of Americans who are not benefiting from this robust economy, and they might just make the difference between GOP candidates winning or losing in 2020.

While Big Tech pushes the NASDAQ to historic highs, Silicon Valley wages for the majority of employees continue to stagnate. Somehow the numbers are not adding up for highly-skilled American workers. One factor increasingly recognized as being part of the problem is the OPT program”.

OPT and armies of racist Indians making sure Americans never get jobs in their own countries.

proreason18 hours ago

“Asian foreigners cost a fraction of the cost of Americans, even when the foreigners are in the US…..because even at a much lower compensation level they can save enough to be rich when they return to India even while living a better lifestyle than they would have lived in their own countries. Most intend to stay about 10 years and then return and start businesses with their fortunes (by their standards).

As usual, follow the money.

As usual, the politicians are selling out Americans and America. They are contemptible”.