CA’s Middle-Class Wages Rise by 1% in 40 Years – Breitbart

In fact, if you work in engineering in CA you have seen your wages cut by 50% in the past 20 years.

Thanks to Alan Greenspan, and Federal Reserve “wage-levelling”, Americans are being kept poor for the banks.

Too much prosperity is bad for the loan business.

Wage-fixing is a Federal crime. Why haven’t Alan Greenspan of the Fed – and Tom Donahue of the US Chamber of Commerce been arrested for their crimes?

So much for the rule of law, Mr. Trump.

“Middle-class wages in progressive California have risen by 1 percent in the last 40 years, says a study by the establishment California Budget and Policy Center.

“Earnings for California’s workers at the low end and middle of the wage scale have generally declined or stagnated for decades,” says the report, titled “California’s Workers Are Increasingly Locked Out of the State’s Prosperity.” The report continued”.

Importing millions of foreign workers hasn’t been good for Americans – in fact, it has destroyed US workers.

“Overwhelemd by illegal immigrants who have basically taken over every trade”.