Airbus looks to double core digital job from new Bengaluru centre

Whatever that Hinglish means.

Looks like the airline industry just won’t learn its lesson. From Rolls Royce taking an epic $500 million loss from India Inc “engineering” fails, to Boeing crashing 737 MAXs due to India Inc failed nose-down software, the airline industry sure is begging for a world of hurt.

AirBus, which has suffered several fails due to India Inc software, including one that almost drove a Quantas plane into the ground years ago, is about to find out firsthand the dangers of sending work to India Incs.

There was also the near-disaster 787 proj years ago, in which the FAA had to ban India’s HCL from the proj due to fails.

One would think after the highly publicized 737 MAX fiascos, that Airbus would be wary. But no – it’s full speed ahead into India Inc fails. Watch for mega AirBus fails in the near future.