Indian-American community divided over Ro Khanna’s Tweet on Hindutva

You may recall a few years back he debated UC Davis CS professor Norm Matloff on VOA and when Matloff mentioned the word “H-1B” Khanna exploded at him.

“California Congressman Ro Khanna’s recent tweet in reply to an article on Hindutva has divided the Indian-American community. While many Hindu-American’s reject Khanna’s call, there are a few progressives and anti-Hindutva activists who are lauding and supporting him.

On Aug. 29 Khanna tweeted: “It’s the duty of every American politician of Hindu faith to stand for pluralism, reject Hindutva, and speak for equal rights for Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, Buddhist & Christians. That is the vision of India my grandfather, Amarnath Vidyalankar fought for.”