“18 YEARS AFTER 9/11 THE THREAT OF TERROR ATTACKS CONTINUES: Looking back to 1998, the dots were connected — and then ignored.” – Michael Cutler

1998 was the year then-president Bill Clinton signed massive H-1B foreign guest worker increases which opened America’s doors and allowed the hijackers in.

In fact, 3 weeks after the attack, the NYT ran an article which detailed how one of them was a “software engineer” in Silicon Valley on an H-1B visa. “He was such a nice guy” one of the attacker’s co-workers said.

“Yet neither political party have the integrity to properly fund immigration law enforcement, construct a wall to secure our porous borders. The Democrats have, beyond all comprehension, created “Sanctuary Cities” and “Sanctuary States” that harbor and shield illegal aliens including transnational criminals, international terrorists and foreign fugitives from detection by DHS”.