Exchange of labor + ideas reshape Asia’s industrial landscape – Nikkei Asian Review

This article has the smell of NASSCOM paid PR all over it.

In other words, all the productive countries in Asia are about to be looted.

The countries that did all the work + paid all the costs to develop industries are getting looted while the lazy communist failed countries are getting all the benefits for free.

Must be a nice gig – if you’re one of the lazy countries.

“Exchange of labor” is simply a codeword for wealth redistribution.

“Such labor and intellectual property flows will plug the development gap between Asian countries. From the 1960s through 1990s, Asian economies had developed at a different pace, with some far outgrowing others”.

That’s because some are dumb and lazy, and others are exceptionally hard workers.

Intellectual property flows” is simply codeword for: “We’re going to rob you then put you out business”.

It’s not our fault the “underdeveloped” countries were stupid enough to think communism would work.

“Her promotion to the important post after only three months of working for the company created a buzz among its employees. But she remains undaunted by the challenge and is confident that she can learn quickly and create solutions for the company”.

Ah – so she replaced some seasoned, skilled local, will get trained by the company, probably fail in her job, and destroy the company. This has happened a million times in the US already – as evidenced by the Indian-caused collapse of Silicon Valley in 2002, and the collapse of Wall St. in 2008.

“India has a wide, well-educated and technologically and mathematically advanced workforce. This has made India a major source of IT engineers who have helped the growth of U.S. tech companies”.

No they don’t – average IQ in India is 82. Most big, successful US tech companies were created by Americans in the 1990s – until the Indian invaders arrived in 1998-2001 to get trained by Americans before kicking them to the curb.

The list of companies and projs destroyed by India Inc is a mile long.

Indians have never created any large successful tech company, outside the fake remittance loot shops such as Wipro, Tata, InfoSys, etc.

This article is a pack of propaganda from looter India which is desperate for the jobs of other people.