Potential for India’s US $80 billion remittances economy

Loot and remit, die for dollars, outfox the Yankees!“.

That is the battle cry of millions of looting H-1B Indians now occupying most US STEM jobs and Silicon Valley

Dollars are worth a king’s ransom in the 3rd world.

An Indian who comes to the US on an H-1B at 23 can return home with $500,000 in an Indian bank at the age of 30 – and retire like a king – including buying outright a luxury high-rise condo. Maybe even a second one for his parents.

No wonder the US econ has such trouble with this massive wealth siphon being stuck into its side for decades.

If there are dollars around, the Indian Mafia will sniff them out.

“How can India’s diaspora, both NRIs and PIOs, contribute further to the nation’s economic growth?”

Jam more fake H-1B frauds into the US, steal Americans’ jobs, kick them to the curb, then remit all the dollars from the stolen job right back to India.

That’s how.