Dhivya Suryadevara + the Indian Mafia just pulled off one of the biggest heists in America @ General Motors

Tata Consultancy wins GM outsourcing deal as Indian companies add more contracts.

There goes GM folks. Just like we lost Microsoft, Adobe, and Google to these thieves. Guess who just moved into GM in an executive role?

Another India Inc infiltrator agent looter.

That’s who.

Some of you may remember back in 2008 when GM collapsed + had to be bailed out by US taxpayers.

That collpase was caused by GM outsourcing to criminal thief looter nation, India, and its conman armies of remittance-hungry theives.

We should have let GM die, because now all that bailout money is being used again by the Indian Mafia in one of the biggest ripoffs in outsourcing history.

Outsourcing has already been proven to be a nightmare fo GM. So why is it being allowed again?

Simple: the Indian Mafia installed one of its agents – Dhivya Suryadevara – into GM as CFO.

Can you believe that?

So the India Inc gameplan goes something like this:

  1. Get US CEOs to sign outsourcing deals.
  2. If they won’t go along, then install a puppet of India Inc into US companies, who will.
  3. Wait a few months, sign the deals, steal all of the US’ trade secrets, then send the know-how back to India where it will be used to enhance Indian car companies such as Tata Motors and Tech Mahindra.

We’re being looted out of existence, folks.

Mr. Trump when are you going to arrest these foreign industrial spies in our companies? After there are no US companies left? Well, that will be too late.

DHS, FBI, ICE are nowhere to be seen.

Oh – and Tata was already caught stealing trade secrets from another US firm.

The H-1B industrial theft + spy program rolls on unabated……

International criminal mastermind Ratan Tata should be arrested the next time he sets foot in the US.

General Motors $7.5 billion outsourcing deal – 2006

Cockroaches move in, Americans check out.