Inside the Surging Rage at Trump in Midwest Factory Towns

Another big talker. All talk, zero action.

So much for Buy American, Hire American.

“Conservative areas like Miami County, Indiana, are sick of seeing profitable companies ship jobs offshore despite the president’s promises”.

Well in that case, perhaps Mr. Trump could pick up his little Oval Office telephone, make a call to DHS enforcement, and have India Inc industrial thieves such as GM’s Dhivya Suryadevara arrested and deported.

She and her cohorts from India Inc are the ones making these offshoring decisions.

Buy American, Spy American is more like it Mr. Trump.

Does DHS even do anything all day, or do we pay them to just sit around?

This kind of stuff only continues because our companies are infested with enemy unregistered foreign agents of foregin gov’ts. We have laws such as FARA that are designed to stop that from happening,

Trump ain’t done jack, and it appears he never will.