Senate to Vote on H-1B Program that Sneaks Billions in Payroll from GOP States – Breitbart

People are beginning to wake up.

Many H-1B foreign workers, and all L-1 visa workers – which India Inc staffing companies use by the millions – don’t pay any taxes.

That means state and local tax shortfalls, Social Security debts, and other tax loss.

Senator Diane Feinstein even testified to such before congress in 2003 – 16 year ago, as of this posting – but the mass tax loss has continued unabated.

Few millenials today know that 20 years ago the US had a massive tax surplus, thanks to good tech jobs for Americans. When the average salary for engineers in Silicon Valley was $150K back in the 1990’s, and those jobs were mostly held by Americans, everything was fine.

But today – thanks to illegal wage-fixer Alan Greenspan (who destroyed that 1990s economy with his “wage levelling”), the US is $22 trillion in debt. Armies of millions of Indian job robbers who are paid far less than Americans have destroyed the US tax base.

It’s because of the mass replacement of well-paid US workers that we’re so far in debt. Drive well-paid workers out of the economy, and you’re going to have a tax collapse.

But that is what central banksters such as Greenspan want, since in the end, too much prosperity is bad for the loan business.

Isn’t that right, Alan?

The funny thing is – all these state and local gov’t are scrambling around trying to figure out why they have tax shortfalls – and where to get the $ to keep their gov’ts going – but on the other hand they don’t even realize it’s the gov’ts own cheap labor programs, along with Chamber of Commerces all across the country that are the cause of the problems.

Real smart there, suckers.

And all the while, the Indian Mafia is laughing at how easy it is to flood in and loot the US blind.

Can’t have it both ways, folks.

“The reduced payroll does not go to the local restaurants, landlords, or various members of the local Chambers of Commerce. The funds do not get to local non-profits, county governments, or city halls. Instead, the diverted payroll is transferred from the politicians’ districts to the coastal investors who hire the cheap H-1Bs in place of Americans, according to U.S. and Indian financial reports”.

That’s right. It also goes right out of the country via remittances – $16 billion a year to India alone. Every year. The average H-1B transfers $400K back to India, then goes home at age 30 and retires like a king with our money. Instead of his pay going into the local economy, it goes right out of the country.

We’re being looted by India, and our tax base is collapsing.

The funny thing is – wage fixing is a federal crime, yet nothing is being done about it.