Fear and loathing in Houston

“Modi was labelled the “Butcher of Gujarat” for his direct role in killing over a thousand Muslims in the province where he was the chief minister. He was banned from entering the US for that worst form of state terrorism. He annexed Kashmir on August 5 — which has been under lockdown since — converting it into something worse than an open-air prison, which was its status pre-August 5. The Indian diaspora in America generally, and in Houston specifically, have shown that the saffron scarf-wearing Hindutva extremists are not confined to India.

While in America, they advocate tolerance, diversity, and other such acceptable norms of society. However, for their home country, they support the very racism they demand an escape from in America. They are aggrieved when the redneck Aryan White in America hate them and cannot differentiate them from an Arab or Pakistani. But for India, they support the very Nazi-style RSS-driven hatred for non-Hindus“.

That’s because their real goal is to move into the US and take our country from us – which they are systematically doing thanks to India Inc staffing companies and their use of H-1B visas, which belong to America, not to India.

Oh – and those “redneck Aryan Whites” built Silicon Valley long before KKK Nazi Indians ever arrived.

Perhaps they should learn some history.

Indians love to lie and portray white American males as dumb rednecks because it’s the only way they can justify more H-1B invasion.

You know – the white American rednecks who train you how to do their jobs because you kick them out on the streets in their own country.

Yep. White American rednecks are so dumb, they have to train their fraud illegal H-1B replacements. The real dummies are the IQ82 H-1Bs from India.

Trump is working for India, not for US workers who elected him to office.