Hillary Clinton: Trump ‘Has Turned American Diplomacy into a Cheap Extortion Racket’ — He Has ‘Endangered’ US – Breitbart

Look who’s talking, Hill. You would know since you and your husband were the first people to abuse the White House and US gov’t for profit and racketeering,.

Not to mention giving $100 trillion of our industry away to India + China in the 1990’s.

How much money did you take from NASSCOM, India Incs, and the Indian gov’t on all those junkets you took to India in the 1990’s Hill?


How much?

We need a full investigation into how much $ you took from foreign powers.

We know you and your husband are traitors and agents of the governments of India and China.

Why aren’t you in prison yet for your crimes on the American people, Hill?


Not to mention you selling our nuclear weapons missile secrets to Communist China in the 1990’s.

Why are you still walking around free, Hill?

Hillary Clinton is the most corrupt politician in US history and a grifter money-grubbing cash kingpin. She should be arrested and thrown in prison for treason immediately.