Big Tech wins US talent war as Trump visa policy hurts Indian IT

The Indian Mafia even has its PR agencies into Japanese media now.

These kinds of articles are pure propaganda.

No one is “hurting Indian IT”.

Fake “Indian IT” has been looting the west, causing untold damage to American companies, such as National Grid, Lehman Bros, PG+E, and the World Bank.

No one wants these failures in their companies any more.

And “Indian IT” with its targetting of American workers for removal from the US workforce for over 20 years has been hurting – even killing – American IT workers.

“Indian IT” is finally experiencing the results of its own karma, and now it’s throwing its PR into overdrive to try to get sympathy from everyone else.

Don’t drink the Kool-Aid folks. Indian IT has been a train wreck for over 2 decades and the jig is finally up.

BTW – iOS – which used to work flawlessly is now a total mess in iOS 13. Basic things such as address book shortcuts in the Mail app don’t even work correctly anymore. All of this since Apple’s use of H-1B provided by India Incs has soared.

Not quite as highly skilled as claimed, now are they?

Who’s hurting whom India?

Apple’s busted garbage (iOS 13), which once worked perfectly – now doesn’t work at all since Indian Mafia mobsters invaded the company on H-1B and took it over.

Blank popups with nothing in them. Thanks, India.