Have Indian IT companies been gouging H-1B workers with low wages? – ZDNet

Of course they have. And it’s all illegal.

It is illegal under Title 8 and H-1B laws to even admit any foreign worker to the US for purposes of work if the foreign worker is paid below the “prevailing wage” (which in 1998 was $140,000 per year for a computer engineer).

India Incs have been bringing in millions of fake H-1B looters well below the US prevailing wage for specialty occupations.

And that activity is visa fraud.

All the India Inc staffing companies should be shut down and their owners arrested for visa fraud immediately.

Turns out NASSCOM funded a report claiming India Incs paid high wages to Indian and US workers in the US. More PR lies. H-1B have been paid as low as $1.21/hr in the US.

Why does the US allow itself to be manipulated by the fake Indian Mafia?

US PR companies should be banned from having any foreign entities as clients.

And the article mentions India Incs almost always hire Indians – another violation of US law.

Where is the EEOC?

“Afterall, the $96,300 figure contradicts the ones compiled by Ron Hira, an academic at Howard University and a crusader against Indian H-1B visas. Hira showed that wages paid to employees of outsourcing firms — whose employees are almost always Indian — were in a band between the low $60,000s to mid $70,000s and in the case of many Indian firms, these employees often earned just a little above $60,000″.

$60K is less than half the prevailing wage for engineers twenty years ago. And that means India Incs are doing visa fraud big time. It’s illegal to admit even a single H-1B to the US for work below the prevailing wage.