Thanks to the H-1B flood, even Apple’s simple software no longer works properly

Not too long ago Apple was known for its legendary reliability and excellence.

Not any more. Just a few years after having taken over Apple, armies of H-1B visa workers from India have ruined the company and its products.

Simple things such as saving multiple documents in Apple’s Preview app no longer work, and even crash the app. Other weird behavior such as incorrect alerts about file permissions, and inability to replace files when saving abound.

The crap is unusable now.

Definitely not “better, faster, cheaper”.

Like most things the Indian Mafia touches, Apple is dying. It will coast out on its cash – and it may take a decade or so, but Apple won’t keep its loyal fan base with this kind of junk software.

Thanks India. You ruined another once-great American company.

Can’t you people make anything that works?

Whites get kicked out, quality goes to hell. Where is Indian supremacy?

H-1Bs move in, quality goes to hell. Definitely not highly skilled + talented Mr. Premji. Better go hire some more NASSCOM PR to keep the looting charade going,

Have at it – if you have a death wish for all American companies who do so.