Tim Cook disputes Trump immigration policy in Supreme Court filing

Cook sure loves to violate US laws. DACA, and H-1B are in total violation of Title 8, Section 1182 INADMISSIBLE ALIENS, Mr. Cook.

We know you want all that cheap young labor for Apple – but you’re breaking the law.

You should have also mentioned that Steve hated his real father – a deadbeat Syrian who abandoned his biological mother. Steve wouldn’t even speak to him. He did however, love his American parents who adopted him.

Why won’t you mention that Tim?


As for immigrants building Apple, well – it simply is not true. Americans built Apple. Immigrants have only moved in since Steve died 8 years ago.

Oh – and you might tell those genius immigrant programmers to fix the little Apple Preview app in macOS – which used to work perfectly but doesn’t any longer.

Who has death-threated you into kow-towing to the globalist line Mr Cook?

Oh dear – look at all those immigrants who built Apple.