Tech CEO Pradyumna Samal convicted of large scale H1B fraud

Not a tech CEO – a human trafficking CEO.

We’re not importing the best and brightest – we’re importing mobsters and human traffickers from the criminal nation of India, who come here, and monopolize our H-1B visa system as a mass slavery racket.

Why the H-1B program even still exists is a mystery since, 1) human trafficking is mostly illegal under US law, and 2) the H-1B program is almost nearly monopolized now by the India Inc mafia and their tens of millions of illegal workers being pumped into the US.

Even Microsoft + Amazon are involved in the illegal human trafficking – which is why they are so wealthy, in part. Bullet-headed Nutella as he is known should be locked up along with Bezos for RICO violations immediately.

The US DOJ + DOL need to shut the entire H-1B program down now – forever. This kind of Indian Mafia gangster fraud is going on all over the US now. Cheap labor wage-fixing is a federal crime under US law, but that is exactly what all these orgs are doing.